Get Out, Get Healthy

A True Great Outdoors Experience

Not every hike is for everyone, but, as you continue to gain experience from multiple trails and push yourself to higher altitudes you will learn that anything is possible. Find out what equipment you won’t want to forget when you go on an adventure.  

I know you all can see the sunshine! Time to get out and shake off the cabin fever blues. There are so many hidden treasures in the landscape; all waiting to be discovered, by you.


Spring Is Here!

Wild Washington Guided Hikes

Ask About Our 'Get Fit' Program

No need to go it alone. We have a great way to get your life back on track. Not only do we help with the physical activity, but we have a great Nutritionist on staff to help you reach your goals. Regain your health and self respect today! No more," I'll start tomorrow..." give us a call today!

Couples Hike

This just in!!! Date night is now during the day!!! Tired of the same date routine, the same old bar, the same old restaurant? Rediscover what brought you together and build new bonds that will never fall apart. Call now to find out more about our couples hikes.

Be a Rockstar!

When you donate, it allows WTA to keep the trails open and safe for all adventurers. Help the WTA to keep our trails open and safe with a donation of your money and/or time. Be a rockstar and donate today!

Drive Yourself Deals

In an effort to give everyone these opportunities we came up with a 'Drive Yourself Deal'. On the day of the adventure you will meet us at an exit at a given time and then follow us to the trail. You will be responsible for your own snacks, lunch and water. You will be able to rent equipment from us, but must let us know ahead of time. Basic $20 - Intermediate $35 - Difficult $45. Now there are no more excuses; see you there!